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The packaging specialists at Maco Bag, an ISO:9001:2008, SQF 2000 Level 3, Kosher and Organic certified company, provide support to manufacturing representatives and businesses of all sizes. Contact Maco for fast, friendly, courteous support and economical approaches to developing flexible packaging and co-packing solutions. Call +1-315-226-1000 today.
Call +1-315-226-1000. Samples & Trials
Obtain a hand crafted pouch sample of a unique shape, size or style and work with the Maco R&D and Technical Service teams to take your product from prototype to production.
Production Flexibility
Whether you need speed to market, precise manufacturing or a combination of both, Maco supports your production size and specification requirements.
Co-packing & Assembly
Obtain innovative, cost effective high quality approaches to simple assembly work and contract packaging services.
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barrier bags
3-d shrouds
double wall bags
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wicketed bags
contour shrouds
form,fill & seal
zipper pouches
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Maco Bag is a manufacturer of heat sealable pouches and custom bags and a supplier of contract packaging services. The company buys roll stock, including metallized film, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), nylon/LLDPE blends and polyester/LLDPE blends. The roll stock is then converted and die cut into pouches, film bags, flexible packaging, laminations and speciality items. Maco Bag's pouches are custom made, as are many of the Company's bags. Pouches can incorporate vacuum and vapor barriers, as well as zipper closures, and can be die cut and die sealed. Maco Bag supplies the full range of ESD bags for the Electronics Industry. In addition, stand up pouch configurations are available, as are a variety of laminations, including film to-foil, paper-to-foil and film-to-film. Metallized film, adhesive and extrusion laminations are also available. The company's custom bags are five sided and are three dimensional. They are used to line containers and cover equipment during shipping. Another major use for the bags is the packaging of adhesives; in this application, release coated films are used. Maco Bag's capabilities include but are not limited to, leak-proof seals, duplex double-wall bags, inline die-shape sealing and cutting, heavy-gauge side seals and tape closures. We have extensive experience serving many industries such as, pharmaceutical, photographic, dental, medical, automotive, military, electronics, retail, and food.

Maco Bag Corporation 412 Van Buren Street, Newark, New York 14513   Phone 315.226.1000
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